5th Cell Heads into Unconventional Territory with Hybrid

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Besides looking beautiful, the original Crysis stood out for including an absolutely lovely and bizarre gameplay feature involving the local fauna at the fictional Lingshan Islands: You could use them as weapons. As part of the sandbox-driven design of the early parts of Crysis' campaign, the player could pick up and throw practically anything -- crates, corpses, and even wildlife -- and chuck them with lethal force. A thrifty player could, theoretically, sneak around and sling crabs instead of bullets. As visually impressive as Crysis 3 looks so far, with its swampy streets of Chinatown and verdant takeovers of skyscrapers, it's the presence of ambient wildlife that brings this little feature to mind. During a hands-off demo, director of creative development Rasmus Hojengaard points out that frogs now hop about in New York's newest plumbing development, but the player doesn't do anything besides look at them. When I had a brief chance to ask about whether Prophet (a recurring character throughout the franchise, and now the protagonist due to events in both the ending of Crysis 2 and whatever has happened in the 20-plus years between Crysis 2's 2023 time frame and Crysis 3's setting of 2047 New York) can use frogs with lethal force, Hojengaard became a bit more evasive.

He answered, "We want to give the sensation of a living and breathing environment, but we don't want to arbitrarily have you pick up a turtle and throw it at someone as a gameplay mechanic, unless we can execute it more elegantly." Later on, he added, "We don't want stuff like being able to throw frogs just for the heck of it, as that's too much development time," and that causes me some concern. I'm hoping he changes his mind.

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