Review: Updated: Canon G1 X

Read more... Overview and features The new Canon PowerShot G1 X - commonly shortened to Canon G1 X, or even Canon G1X - occupies the top spot in Canon's prestigious G-series compact camera range, offering a truly impressive array of high-end features. Launched at CES earlier this year, the new digital camera is aimed at advanced photographers in search of a high-quality, take-anywhere primary camera and/or backup for their DSLR. To that

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Review: Lowepro S&F Technical Vest

Read more... Lowepro's S&F Technical Vest is intended for photojournalists and sports photographers who may require quick access to their equipment. It's designed to be used with the rest of the company's S&F series, which includes various bags, pouches and belts, and is bestowed with a number of loops that accept the SlipLock tabs common to products in the line. Available in two sizes, the vest is made primarily from nylon and

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Review: LowePro Photo Sport AW

Read more... Targeted at the more adventurous photographer, the LowePro Photo Sport AW is a lightweight, medium-sized rucksack designed to hold professional-size equipment. Its main padded body can contain a pro DSLR body such as the Canon EOS 5D Mk II with a lens attached, while around this compartment there's ample space to store items that may not require much protection, such as a jacket or toiletries. A zipped compartment around the

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Review: Micromuff

Read more... DSLRs weren't designed with video in mind, and the best results are typically only obtained when the right accessories are used. An appropriate support is recommended for both convenient operation and steady footage, while an external microphone will provide superior sound quality to the camera's built-in alternative. Naturally, you need to pay for both, and for most casual users these options either won't be practical or will simply cost too

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Review: Integral UltimaPro SDXC 64GB

Read more... SDXC cards carry on from where the SDHC format leaves off, with increased capacities and faster performance. The Integral UltimaPro is one of the latest in the developing range, with its 64GB capacity ample for hours of video or thousands of high-resolution images. Its Class 10 designation guarantees a minimum 10MB sustained write speed per second, making it ideal for continuous high-definition video recording. When used with devices supporting the

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Review: Lastolite VH Flip Bracket

Read more... Lastolite's VH Flip Bracket enables a camera to be quickly alternated between portrait and landscape orientations, all the while maintaining the same distance from a flashgun. This makes it ideal for those photographing social functions, where off-camera flash will be required for group shots and single/couple images. The bracket has a movable platform on which a camera is mounted, and this can be removed from its rails and screwed into

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Review: Lastolite TriGrip 1-stop Diffuser

Read more... The Lastolite TriGrip 1-stop Diffuser is a smart solution to an obvious problem. As any photographer's assistant will attest, holding reflectors and diffusers for prolonged periods of time isn't exactly comfortable, and many aren't rigid enough to be held with just one hand. The Lastolite TriGrip 1-stop Diffuser claims to solve both issues, with a handle on one side and two adjustable straps that may be tightened against the holder's

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Review: Lastolite Ezybox Hotshoe

Read more... Although flashguns are eminently useful for all kinds of photography, their light can often be too harsh when they're pointed directly at your subject. Built-in reflector cards and diffuser panels enable light to be bounced and softened respectively, and adjusting the position of the head can be used to further extend possibilities. Lastolite Ezybox Hotshoe, however, takes things even further, turning an ordinary flashgun into a portable softbox. Available in

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Review: Ray Flash Rotator

Read more... The Ray Flash Rotator claims to be the first rotating flash bracket to support TTL metering as standard. The unit accepts a standard flashgun and fixes itself into the tripod thread of a DSLR, before it enables the flash to be positioned and fixed at any point around the lens. So, whether you want the flash to be fired from the top, side or even underneath the camera body, the

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Review: X-Rite i1 Display Pro

Read more... Calibrating your monitor ensures that it displays colours and tones exactly as they should be, and many devices to suit all budgets exist for the task. The X-Rite i1 Display Pro is one of the latest additions to the X-rite stable, and it's billed as the world's first spectrally calibrated colourimeter. Compatible with Wide-Gamut LCDs and even projectors, it promises fast calibration together with advanced control over white point, luminance

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