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Yeah, we know. Every avid gamer in existence thinks they can do it. Well, if you're one of many who claim they could do what every professional critic does, now you're chance to make good.

We are hosting an ongoing contest/giveaway that will give gamers everywhere across the US the opportunity to earn both experience and prizes simply by writing game reviews. And the victors will not be determined by us; rather, they will be selected by your peers.

It's really very simple-

1. Sign up for the site, head over to the User Review section of any given PlayStation platform (seen on the left of the main page), and write a review of a game. Any game.

It can be any length you choose, and you can tackle the analysis however you see fit. Your review must pass through an approval on our end, but that's only for spam purposes; we will not edit your review in any way. So if there are misspellings and errors, that's on you.

2. Every Sunday night, we will select the 10 best User Reviews and place them in our weekly poll (on the right of the main page). If there were less than 10 submitted during the week, all will go into the poll. That's where our role ends; then it's up to the community to determine the very best user review. We've got a sharp group, by the way...

3. The winning user review will be highlighted in our "PSXE Poll Update" (also posted on Sunday), and it doesn't end there. You're more than welcome to keep submitting. And if you keep gaining the approval of the community, you will be in line for free games and other goodies. Whatever I've got available from publishers might be coming your way...

Lastly, as we move forward, the best review writers will have the chance of submitting guest reviews to our site, to be published as a real review, which will likely pop up at Metacritic, GameRankings, etc. So maybe you're in college and looking into getting some experience for game journalism, or maybe you've always said to yourself, "Hey, that's something I'd like to do." Well, here you go.

And at the end of the year, an even bigger prize might be lurking for the best of the best...

The only rules are that you must be 18 years of age or older and you must be a US citizen. And feel free to join the community and vote alongside your fellow competitors; it's all about fair play and admitting that maybe, just maybe, there are other people on the Internet who can write a better video game review than you. ;)

Have fun!

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5/7/2012 11:55:38 AMBen Dutka

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